About The Up Foundation

What began as a late evening conversation between a father and son, led to start of the UP Foundation. A family foundation based on the principle of helping children in need through family services, education, and awareness. 

"It's a Great Day for Up", the Dr. Suess children's classic, was the inspiration behind the Up Foundation. Its message is simple, look up to a better day. "Everyone's getting up" and that's what we want to inspire. Stand up for a better future for our children.

Our Mission

Everyday, a child’s life can be thrown into chaos due to medical diagnosis or impoverished circumstances. These issues cause a ripple effect on the child’s family. Our mission is to provide a helping hand to these children and their families. In order to maximize our efficacy, we identify and support the most highly-rated charity’s that share our values, concerns, and vision. These are established organizations with a track record of successfully easing some of the burdens put on suffering children and their families.

Join us in our grassroots efforts to make a difference in our community and to touch the life of a child.

Our Vision

For such a young organization we are proud to have made such a positive impact on children and families in the Chicagoland Community. We have been fortunate to partner with local and national organizations, like this years benefactors, The Ronald McDonald House and Cradles to Crayons, whom help us succeed in this effort. 

With your support, the future of our foundation is bright as we broaden the scope of charitable organizations in need. 

We live in a world where the need is great and if we can make a difference, then we intend to do just that.

Join Us!